All About YM Idis


Yapı Merkezi IDIS (IDIS, which is the abbreviation of Monitoring, Control and Communication Systems in Turkish) was established in 2012 and utilizes Yapı Merkezi's strong experience and competence to provide innovative, cost-effective and award-winning projects to the road and rail transport industry. YM IDIS combines the depth and breadth of Yapı Merkezi's system engineering knowledge and competence to address the complex challenges of both basic railways and road projects.

Who Are We?
Yapı Merkezi IDIS provides innovative and cost-effective technological systems and solutions to rail and road projects. Since our inception, we have successfully deployed design solutions for the systems of technology partners and of our own in several rail signaling and telecommunications projects in Turkey and worldwide. More recently, we have conducted high-profile tunnel and bridge projects in Turkey. Our Istanbul-based Turkish team houses brilliant, diverse minds and exceptional technical expertise in project and product design and their applications. As the leading rail-and-road Turkish technology company, YM IDIS is revolutionizing the implementation of rail and road projects with efficient, reliable, secure, and safe solutions by primarily leveraging Turkish engineering and resources.

With our ability to rapidly respond to needs, industry standards, and technologies, YM IDIS can develop solutions for varying project environments, requirements, and interfaces with a well-structured "systems engineering" approach.

We believe in involving our customers at the earliest stage, understanding their expectations, sharing our expertise to deliver state-of-the-art products and solutions that will fulfill their business and technical needs.

Equipped with our knowledge of the latest technologies and their rail and road applications, YM IDIS can combine society's demand for innovative and efficient products and systems with environmentally sustainable solutions.


Know-How Meets The Future
We are the only mainline and tramway signaling system supplier in Turkey and boast an expanding product portfolio. We combine our technological know-how with our product development and project application skills to provide technologically advanced, cost-effective, and safe transportation solutions to our customers worldwide. Our position as a technology creator and exporter, coupled with our A-to-Z turn-key design and application expertise, motivates us to reach every corner of the world. Cultural adaptation is in our DNA, which enables us to deliver even in the most challenging environments. Our unique and integrated value proposition comprises our knowledge of enabling technologies, our ability to incorporate AI / IOT and many other emerging technologies in our products and projects, and our safety culture.


Mission & Vision


Our Mission
To contribute to the advent of the sustainable rail and road transport through the application of technology, enabling economic opportunity around the world and creating a better life for many people.

Our Vision
To become the regional leader in rail and road technology industries by providing safe, sustainable, advanced, and economical systems and solutions. To become a major global technology powerhouse and one of the world's most admired companies for our products, people, partnerships, and performance.


Our Values


• We work as partners with our customers, listen to them, anticipate their needs and formulate solutions together.
• We are honest and strive to make responsible decisions. We speak up for what is right. We uphold the highest standards of moral behavior and we act ethically at all times.
• We support the professional development of each employee . We respect diversity, promote knowledge-sharing and encourage dialogue.
• We strive to achieve excellence by acting with accountability and professionalism in everything we do. We are dedicated to continous improvement.
• We consider the protection and reinforcement of environment, health and safety a fundamental responsibility.
• We embrace differences. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute and achieve success. We treat each other with respect and dignity. We value the unique contributions that each individual brings.
• We welcome new ideas and dare to try new things. Problems are solved where creativity and technical expertise meet.

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