Human Resources Policy Statement


At YM Idis, we are aware that success is achieved by the people and through the people we employ and our people are the Company’s most valuable asset. Strengthening our human resources with the best we could acquire yields a company built on a firm ground. The main objective of our Human Resources Policy is to create a winning match between individual needs and organizational demands. We continuously aim to have the right person, with the right experience, at the right time, in the right place, offering the right salary and benefits. We foster leadership, individual accountability and teamwork. Our employees are professionals whose entrepreneurial behaviour is result-oriented and guided by personal integrity. We do not tolerate the behaviour, decisions and actions at work that is not based on the best interest of the Company.


Sustainable Business Life

Equal Opportunity
As YM Idis, we aim to create a happy and successful working environment in which no social role and perception, especially gender, will prevent equality. In this respect;

• Our employees are recruited, selected and promoted on the basis of objective, non-discriminatory criteria.
• We ensure the health, safety and welfare of our employees regardless of gender,
• We especially support women's participation in the workforce,
• We act based on an equal wage policy for equal job,
• We create job environments and practices that maintain the balance of business-family life.

Diversification and Comprehensiveness
As YM Idis, we are a company operating in different cultures and geographies, always aiming for better together with its stakeholders. We add value to the future with all our colors that our diversity adds to us. We learn from each other and develop together in a comprehensive culture. We believe that equality of opportunity is fundamental on the path to a fair, happy and successful future. We consider our diverse and competent colleagues as our most important strength; we aim to create a comprehensive culture for individuals to participate in business life and realize their potential.

Competitive Power

Career Advancement:
We practice to a high degree “promotion from within” at department level and Company-wide, taking account of both meeting job requirements and preferred profile, and individual ambition in future career prospects.

Education & Training
The company’s Education & Training policy is based on the view that the knowledge, attitude and skills of our employees are among the most important assets to realize our ambition. As a consequence, Education & Training is an essential part of our HRM policy. We provide internal training, external training, mentoring, training on the job and ample opportunities to interact with our clients and partners.

Performance Management and Career Improvement
As YM Idis, we act on the basis of "focus on humans". In line with the predefined criteria in the performance assessment, we take as the basis the measuring the job performance of the employees; and measuring employee behaviors in the assessment of competence. We provide performance management and career and backup plans and offer equal job opportunities to all our employees; and we see lifelong learning as part of this process. Meeting place: We use training programs to create meeting places for exchange of experience and networks for managers and engineers from different departments, disciplines and backgrounds, and to offer opportunities for benchmarking to the outside world.

Compensation & Benefits
The Company’s Compensation & Benefits policy is based on the view that fair remuneration packages including performance-related pay, matching with individual needs and local practice, contribute to the motivation of our employees. We support diversity but where appropriate, we stimulate common remuneration practices in the organization.


Agility at IDIS

We foster target setting, for individual and team performance with periodical reviews.

We encourage individual and team performance by practicing open and motivating appraisal procedures.

We use objective procedures for job ranking (internal equity) and check systematically market conformity in relevant labor markets (external equity).

Hybrid Working Model
Within the scope of the COVID 19 pandemic, the health of our employees is our priority in our offices and Hybrid Working Model is applied in this regard.

Graduates and Intern


Giving a chance to Z Gen


With the internship implementation, it is aimed to enable that the students can practice with the knowledge they obtained at school throughout the internship and acquaint themselves with the business life.

Internship Applications
Students wishing to do internship during summer are offered internship opportunity in line with the placements made considering the internship quota of the Headquarters and Projects of our companies for that year during the period of June-September. Students desiring to do internship during summer and winter are required to submit their resumes between 1 January-30 April and 1 September-30 November respectively via the internship announcement published on our website and Kariyer.Net or by e-mail to Students receiving a positive answer to their application are informed via phone and e-mail by the Human Resources Department of the internship dates and Company/Department/Project they will serve their internship. Those met by refusal are served a notification by e-mail including the reason for refusal.

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