IDIS system solutions in all areas

Railways Systems Solutions


Signaling Systems


• Mainline Signaling Systems (conventional, ETCS L1 & L2)
• Tramway/LRT Control Systems
• Depot/Marshalling Yard Control Systems
• Level Crossing Systems

Power Supply for Signaling and Telecom Systems


• Low Voltage Power Supply Systems

Road Systems Solutions


Tunnel and Road E&M Works


• LED Lighting
• Smart Traffic & SCADA Systems
• Fire & Smoke Detection Systems
• Public Announcement Systems (PAS)
• RF Repeater and FM Rebroadcasting Systems
• Toll Collection Systems
• Radio Communication Systems
• Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)
• Event Detection Systems
• Structural Health Monitoring Systems
• Power Supply Systems

Telecommunication Systems Solutions


Telecommunication Systems


• Transmission Networks (SDH, MPLS, LAN, WLAN)
• Telephony Systems (PABX)
• Wireless Systems (GSM-R, LTR-R, DMR, Tetra Radio)
• Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)
• Public Announcement Systems (PAS)
• Passenger Information Systems (PIS)
• Revenue Collection Systems (passenger & freight)
• Rolling Stock Management
• Environmental Control Systems (SCADA, Alarm)
• Fiber Optic Sensing
• Earthquake Detection and Structural Health Monitoring

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